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Who We Are

We are creating sanctuaries for artists, performers, educators, and writers who want to positively shape our world.  We provide opportunities for developing artists to both strengthen community and invest in the arts as a way of life. 


Many of us have spent years of our lives investing in education in the arts only to find that society has moved in a decidedly different direction.  While primary education systems receive decreased funding in the arts and humanities, there is still a very human need for the appreciation and skills that the arts impart.  Likewise, many of us are artists and creatives who have gifts of skill and leadership to share with the larger community to improve quality of life.


Through CLAP, our founding members hope to link existing arts resources, create new venues which help promote and foster education and the production of new works, and pool our collective strength (of existing California arts non-profits) to foster a larger movement of culturally reinvesting in the arts as a way of living and being in the world. 

What We Do


All art making begins with a person and an idea.  But without a place to create, no making can begin.  What CLAP proposes to do is create spaces for dynamic, collaborative creation.  Much like a tech startup incubator, CLAP looks to be an incubator for the creative drive within us all.  Providing support for teachers who want to teach and students who want to learn.  We will serve playwrights who want to bring their new plays into production. actors who want to hone and manifest their craft, and to the audiences who want to see good new works.  Every aspect of craft, production, and creative mentorship which produce great ART will be served…by having a place to create and share. 

Who We Serve


We serve creatives: artists, performers, crafts people, playwrights, composers, writers, dancers, musicians, film makers, and society itself. 


We are a connecting place between artists and the audience, between donors and the creative community, between venues and the production of new creative works, between educators and learners, and ultimately between society and the artists who shape and define it.  By providing ownership of facilities and the means of production and creation, we build connections and community. 


We will foster communities that embrace and support the dreams and hopes of emerging creative geniuses who might otherwise be unable to prosper and bring their unique world-views to light. 

 Living Arts: 
   liv·​ing | \ ˈli-viŋ ˈärt.  Definition:

  1. The ability to make a living as an artist.  

  2. Living facilities (safe, clean, regulated affordable housing) for creatives otherwise priced out of California.  

  3. Living art, the creation of new works.  We focus on bringing new art and new artists to the public.

  4. Keeping the arts alive and active in our culture (thriving outside of corporate mass production or expensive and elitist institutions).

  5. Art integrated into life and living.  Teaching and practicing Artful living.  Bringing back apprenticeship, community responsibility, honoring craftsmanship and creative human innovation.

  Lew Brown
Vision Statement 

We believe that a world where the creative impulse is nurtured, focused, promoted and rewarded will be a world filled with peace and prosperity. 

Currently, there is a certain artlessness in the way we live.  Each child born is one born with imagination, with a drive to explore and create upon the canvas of their life.  Yet, each child must negotiate enormous pressure to conform into a “useful” role.  “Useful” meaning to learn how to make a profit for someone else.  Alternatively, thousands of children are born each year into nightmares of poverty and abuse.  Within that number there are and untold number of geniuses, brilliant minds and hearts who long to give the world their gifts.  Yet the world, until now, hasn't seemed to care

For great art to be made the body must be at rest, the conscious mind allowed to idle and thus freed from the needs of daily survival we become open to brief flashes of inspiration. Acts of creation require both inspiration and opportunity in order to manifest. The greatest actor who ever lived never appeared on Broadway or Television or the Silver Screen.  They labored in obscurity as a third grade teacher in rural Connecticut.  Without opportunity, the World is denied great art.

How many great artist, great minds, great spirits have been wasted through the travails of endemic poverty? How many have succumbed to drugs, gangs, violence and hopelessness because of the circumstances of their birth?  What wonders and works have future generations been denied because the greatest artists of the age have never had the opportunity to hone their skills and produce their great works? All it ever took was a sanctuary, a safe place within which to breathe and create.

The business of art is a parasitic one.  The art of business is symbiotic.  How can we change the way that art is made and how artists live in the world? What if there were places where the young or the forgotten or the overlooked could go to refine and express their creative drives? What if there were places where music, film, dance, and theater were produced as co-operative enterprises? What if these works had the means of reaching a large audience? What if the profits from great creative works simply went back into a network of live-work co-operatives in order to provide more opportunities for more artists to gather, more support to create their works and more channels for those works to spread across the globe? What if the artist was free to create and secure in the knowledge that the rewards of their creations would both improve the quality of their lives and potentially help to create a better world altogether? 

We see an ever blooming landscape of interlinked communities all devoted to uplifting the human being to the heights of their potential.  We see centers of artistic endeavor peopled by happy and healthy creators.  Creators who care for the land, live with security, in justice and mutual prosperity.  An ever growing network of communities whose primary motivation is to create moments of wonder and enlightenment for the world.  This is our vision, and it starts with you.

 We’d love to hear from you.

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