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  Lew Brown

A Message from Our Founder


(President) Lew has a JD in Law and is the driving force behind CLAP.  In addition to studying Law, Lew invests time and energy into researching sustainable community models.  He is a talented actor and playwright and spent several  years as a top radio DJ in Sonoma County.  Very involved in the local community, with eye for justice and supporting those in need, he helped found the Sonoma County Land Trust.  Lew's breadth and depth of knowledge on social systems is inspiring. 


"Thank you for joining us in our creation of this new non-profit as a future board member, volunteer, teacher, artist, learner, or community leader.  Because we are just being born as a community arts entity, there are many ways to get involved in shaping this important venture which seeks to create a better life for artists and the arts in California.  We look forward to hearing your voice and finding out how we can partner for a better future." - Lew Brown

Meet The Board

Nadja Masura  

(Secretary) Nadja has a PhD in Theatre and degrees in Multimedia.  She is a former Maryland Institute of Technology in the Humanities fellow.  She directs, acts, dramaturges, has exhibited art in Sonoma & SF, and a book on Digital Theatre being published. She has worked with multiple non-profits including Sebastopol Center for the Arts, the Women's Global Leadership Initiative, and the Sonoma County Book Festival. 


  Rachel Crockett

Rachel has a Masters in Arts and Non-Profit Management.  A talented artist with a BA in photography, she has exhibited both in the Bay Area and in Texas and worked with multiple arts organizations, including the Buddy Holly Center.  She is also a social studies teacher and an occasional recipe writer. 


  Corey Roberts

Corey has a MFA in Theatre Pedagogy and has

 speaking experience in a variety of milieus and languages and has studied at prestigious institutions throughout the US as well as Brazil, Russia, and Senegal.   Corey has taught and lectured at several colleges including Virginia Commonwealth, the University of Sao Paulo, and Cal State San Bernardino.  His areas of specialty include dance, theatre, ritual, and language. 


  Apryl Renee

Apryl has an MFA in Dance with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and digital technology.  She is a talented dancer who has performed with groups including Spinning Yarns Dance Collective, FLUX Dance Project, Right Brain Performance Lab and People Dancing (Ann Arbor) and has taught at multiple universities including Eastern Michigan University.  She has also taught in the UK and elsewhere abroad.  


  Ruth Donovan

Ruth is the owner and curator of The Beluga and Bee Studio in the Santa Rosa. She has exhibited artwork under the name Ruthless for the last 20 years. She ran Studio 24/10 from 2010-18. This space hosted community events, group art shows featuring young blossoming artists, and was best known for its annual Krampus Group Art Show. 

  Alexander Shapiro

(Treasurer) Alex is a skilled photographer and videographer.   He began as a performer and is an alumni of Hollywood High School for the Arts, with an Associates in Theatre & Music.  He has worked with the Arlene Frances Center and Shakespeare in the Cannery as a promoter, coordinator, and producer of events.  He is the Editor in Chief, photographer and videographer for Eye-Clash Ragazine.  

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