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The Black Dragon Experience

Black Dragon is the inaugural fundraising and artistic event for the California Living Arts Project.   The play is an original script based on the classic story Dracula.  This unique take on the classic is expertly crafted from research on history and the occult, written with compelling language and characters, with an expert sense of horror timing, and offers a view of human nature and free will. 

The event is from 6pm- past midnight.  The new play Black Dragon will be performed Friday & Saturday nights October 4th- Nov 2nd at 8pm at Jerry Knight's River Theatre in Guerneville 1616 Main Street.  Immediately proceeding the stage, there will be an interactive Side Show at 6pm, and dancing to follow at 11pm.  Admission covers all aspects of this Halloween event.   

The Black Dragon Experience is an immersive evening of theatre, spectacle, fantasy, and dark delights. It centers around the world premiere of a play telling the true tale of dark power and the occult as it bubbled up through Victorian England and into the mind of author Bram Stoker. The Black Dragon story is expertly researched and rooted in actual history of the occult, including the Order of the Golden Dawn of which Stoker was a member; where he may have met Dracula…in the flesh.

Our story begins as Count Vlad Dracula is welcomed into the house of the Earl of Westwood and given access to his finances and his intelligent and lovely daughter Mina. Soon the Eastern Count has enmeshed himself in the inner workings of the household and begins to bend their minds and release the terrors that lie dormant within us all.  Vlad is bent on the destruction of not only the Earl, but all of England. He is intent on birthing the dark Gods of chaos and destruction that will bring death, war, and pain into our age. Stoker and the forces of good must battle Vlad and his minions for the fate of our world.

The play is poetic and perhaps even a touch romantic, with a host of compelling characters, with seances and roller-coaster action. But be forewarned, there are twistedly dark (adult) themes: incest, rape, cannibalism, dead children, magic and lots of blood and murder! Expect to get “bloody” if you sit in the first couple rows. The show harkens back to the theatre tradition of Grand Guignol, and the playwright is experienced in creating haunted attractions. In addition to blood and guts, you can expect a nod to old school magic made popular in Victorian entertainments.

When you come to the Black Dragon Experience your night will be filled with spectacle, gripping tales of horror, dancing girls, side show oddities, magic, mystery and delight!

In addition to the play, before the main show, we have a selection of Victorian England’s finest human oddities for your amusement. Our side show features such acts as: Dog Boy, Serpentina the Snake Lady, the astounding Headless woman, and dancing girls. End your night dancing to the pulsing rhythms of dj spooky and the sounds of darkwave, goth, trance, industrial…

Come revel and reveal your inner self (be it demon, imp, zombie, or fairy) in this Halloween Holiday Extravagaza just an hour and a half north of San Francisco, in a real Haunted Theatre!

Come revel and reveal your inner self (be it demon, imp, zombie, or fairy, etc) in this Halloween Holiday Extravaganza just an hour and a half north of San Francisco, in a real Haunted Theatre! the dark with the half dozen or so ghosts inhabit Jerry Knight’s Historic Theatre.

for more information contact:
Tel: 1 (800) 867-1478
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