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  • How to be a part of something great!
    Become a part of our network of supporters! Sign up to make a monthly contribution, everything helps so how about the cost of a couple of Hollywood, mass-produced movie tickets? We'll make better entertainment and make sure that this organization just continues to grow into every part of the entertainment industry. So, $30 a month seems pretty doable for most anyone. Or, how about really backing this project and ensuring that the future generation of stars don't have to fall prey to the predations of the corporate entertainment behemoth. We will work with your attreys and estate planners to make sure your bequest goes to support future Painters, Writers, Actors and Directors, Musicians and entertainers of all stripes. Monetary donations: All donations, unless specified go to the functioning of the organization, acquisition of real property, renovation of buildings and improvements of land, buying permits and insurance and helps cover the costs for producing workshops, community outreach events, and the creation of new public art works. Technology and Physical Donations: Every imaginable thing that goes into producing movies, plays, music and events of all sorts can find a loving home with CLAP. So get that fair market value deduction and at the same time take pride in the fact that your equipment will be used to produce original works of art and to train emerging artists in a hands-on program of enrichment and expression. Some of the items that would be particularly useful include: - Digital hardware and software. -Books for our lending library. - Canvas, paper, and other art making tools. - Furniture - Set pieces, costumes, lights, special effects machines. - Wood and construction materials of all sorts. Tools of the trade from gaffers tape to hammers and electric screwdrivers we need to provide lots of tools and materials for our building arts program.. Land and facilities: (See our Arts Land Trust page) Gifts of land and buildings allow you to steward the direction of our creative culture long after your own life-time. Great strides have been made to conserve land for ecological uses to protect our natural lands. Now donors can give future generations the gift of the humanity through ensuring the continuation of the arts. By providing land or physical facilities, you are allowing arts culture to continue as newly revalued part of daily life. Rather than donating land to animals alone, consider allowing artists to live and work in harmony with nature. How about low-cost or donated space for the interim? Got a warehouse or office/commercial space lying idle? How about a lease donation that could be written off for Fair Market Value? Professional Skills: We accept and honor professional donations in the form of mentorship, production experience (publishing, music, film), direction, choreography, master artists, educators, writers. We also appreciate gifts of time from legal, fundraising and monetary advice. Talk directly to a member of the board if you have valuable professional skills to offer. In exchange you can receive tax credits, credit for non-profit work applicable to student loans under the Public Interest Repayment Program or access to creatives and tools of production.
  • Volunteer!
    CLAP is currently accepting volunteers in both creative and support functions for our initial work, staging “Black Dragon” this October. General auditions for the theatrical roles are in progress, and we are also currently seeking creative staff and technical team members. In addition, we are seeking promotional team members and event staff. In fact if you have skills to offer, from swinging a hammer to running the front door on show days let us know! CLAP will grow in the years to come and getting in on the ground floor is a great way to get your foot in the door fro one of our future live-work creative co-ops. Got student loans? Well the Public Interest Repayment Program was designed to connet people like you with organizations like us. We could use a few more lawyers to work with contracts, intellectual property and the development of our land trust program. Sales people, development associates and others with specific skills and an interest in helping us to build out this self-supporting network of creative sanctuaries should definitely get involved. Contact us by email. We are also currently seeking to expand our board with a few seats held open for those in the finance, legal and real estate professions.
  • The Arts Land Trust-Protecting the past and building for the future.
    When you give land to California Living Arts Land Trust, you are creating a permanent legacy and helping ensure not only that your property will be well cared for and brought to its full potential, but that there will be a home for creative endeavors far into the foreseeable future. Most people know that our Trust accepts donations of theatrical and studio space, however we are also focused on gifts of raw land acreage that will be used to protect our forests, rivers, marshes, mountaintops and farms for future generations but also to provide valuable space to practice the living arts of landscape design, permaculture, creative resource management and at the same time allow us to create stunning seasonal events in beautiful locations. We also accept gifts of other real estate, such as homes or investment properties, that are intended to be either used for storage centers, creative hubs, co-housing or support communities but which could also be sold, rented or leased in order support our creative communities’ mission. With the donor’s permission to sell the property, the Trust can convert the value of that real estate into strategic purchases of theaters, studios or event grounds throughout California. One house donated from the Bay Area can provide cultural events in perpetuity in Lassen or Modoc County, spreading our creative and positive way of living into the far corners of even the most rural areas. Making a gift of real estate to the Trust can provide you with significant income, estate and capital gains tax benefits, ease the demands of owning property, and even provide you with lifetime income. Of course it is also the best way to ensure that a well-loved creative space stays viable into the far distant future. The option you choose will depend on your personal circumstances, we can help you find the right solution for you or work with your attorneys and estate planners to make certain your wishes become a reality. Here are several options: Making an outright gift allows you to receive the maximum charitable income tax deduction and avoid capital gains taxes. Giving the California Living Arts Project’s Land Trust a remainder interest in your property allows you to receive a tax deduction at the time of the gift and continue enjoying the property during your lifetime. Establishing a charitable remainder trust with real estate allows you to avoid capital gains taxes, obtain a tax deduction at the time of the gift and receive income for the rest of your life. We may also be able to offer a leaseback, or life estate in return for your donation allowing you to continue living or using the property even after making an irrevocable gift. Remember, your gift helps permanently provide the one thing that artists and arts groups need the most-space for creative endeavors. So many theater groups, gallery spaces and studios have been closed or sold in recent years as to create a crises for performance and practice space throughout the State. Additionally, those that remain tend to be exclusive, run by an insular organization or barred by gatekeepers whose only interest is the bottom line. Your gift strikes a real blow for artistic freedom and the flourishing of culture into the 21st Century and beyond. You can help immensely to break down the single largest barrier to creating a better world, not having the space in which to do it. For more information about the California Living Arts Land Trust program, please contact our expert staff for advice and guidance.
  • Are donations Tax Deductable?
    Yes! The California Living Arts Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and you can receive credit for the full market value of your donations.
  • Why contribute?
    Why? To make art and make change. We will grow with your support and as we do you will see a flourishing of creative communities throughout California. As we grow in population and facilities the CLAP brand will become more and more common and become associated with not only great art but a truly progressive model of living for our residents, fellows, staff and volunteers. All of whom will live and work within a dynamic, democratic, collaborative system where the inherent dignity of each person is met with respect and good-will. No doubt at some point our arts enterprises will not only become self-sustaining but actually profitable and even prosperous. Unlike the usual entertainment business, we are not driven by the profit motive and seek only to continue to grow and make art that makes a difference in peoples lives. So our "profits" become more opportunities for those within the network and more exceptional experiences for the public at large. So why contribute? Because you care about the human spirit and its inherent creativity, because you care about the future and would like to see sanctuaries of the highest human potential created to preserve culture and prepare for the coming environment, political and societal upheavals. Give because you are not the problem, you are a part of the solution.
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