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  Programs For All Artists     

Our aim is to create a network where art isn’t merely produced or performed, but truly lived.  As our world changes both physically due to climate change and politically, it is imperative that centers of culture survive and even thrive through these challenging times.  We will create sanctuary communities where art is a way of life, where creativity is honored.

 We Are Beginning to Build Programs and Services to provide:

  • Living spaces for Artists

  • Educational and art workshop Facilities

  • Performance facilities

  • Loaning or physical tools

  • Production of new works

  • Publishing and Producing

  • Legal and leadership advice

  • Community contact

  • A network between existing resources and non-profits

  • A network of artists

  • Mentorship programs for at risk and socially marginalized groups

  • Support centers to provide for the physical and emotional well being of all participants.


We are currently seeking music professionals interested in teaching workshops and developing the organization. 

Film and Photography  

If you are a local film maker, photographer or digital artist, consider sharing your unique eye with the world.  We are currently building a network creatives with industry experience.  We are currently seeking tech and digital creatives to join us in creating digital spectacle for the original theatrical work "Black Dragon" mounting in October. Writers and storytellers of all types welcome.

  Dance & Performance    

Come join our talented dance movement and theatre members in staging our first major event "Black Dragon" to be held in October.  Auditions are being held in June. 

  Visual Arts   

Call for artists both crafts and fine arts to participate in workshops and community art making projects. 

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